Photodiary 7 – 14 April

Yesterday we visited the Klampenborg park, also known as the deer park, because of the animals living there (and it’s true, we saw a lot of them). Before getting deeper into the forest we spent some little time around the beach that was near the entrance, and we also walked through the Bakken park, that is the oldest amusement park in the world as they say. Apparently, Denmark has a lot of experience with these parks (remember the Tivoli). It was a sunny Sunday so the cold was (kind of) bearable. We walked a lot and we ended up really tired, but it was worth. The park was astonishing, especially the wide and green landscape surrounding the Hermitage Hunting Lodge, a little white castle that you find in the middle of the park. It was one of the biggest natural spaces I’ve been in my whole life. We also went to the cemetery where the famous Danish writer Christian Anderson was buried, to see his tomb and some blossoming trees.

Also, something kind of curious happened in Copenhagen yesterday. In the neighborhood of Nørrebro, where we walked in our way to the cemetery from Nørreport train station, some disturb were happening for political reasons, due to ethnic and racial disputes having something to do with a person called Rasmus Paludan (see this link for more information). We found little mountains of trash burning in the middle of the streets, with police cars running from one way to another and a helicopter watching from the sky. It was actually impressive to see these piles of plastic burn in the middle of the city. People were just walking next to them while the firefighters eventually turned them off.

So I displayed first the pictures from the disturbs and after the rest of the pics. Enjoy them 🙂

All pictures taken and edited with iPhone SE.


Turbulences in Nørrebro

Foto 14-4-19 17 39 16Foto 14-4-19 17 38 02Foto 14-4-19 17 37 30



Foto 14-4-19 12 12 20Foto 14-4-19 12 13 12Foto 14-4-19 12 23 00Foto 14-4-19 12 25 30Foto 14-4-19 12 43 12Foto 14-4-19 12 43 56Foto 14-4-19 12 44 24Foto 14-4-19 12 44 52Foto 14-4-19 12 51 56Foto 14-4-19 13 00 41Foto 14-4-19 13 06 04Foto 14-4-19 13 36 24Foto 14-4-19 14 02 30Foto 14-4-19 14 12 39Foto 14-4-19 14 57 46Foto 14-4-19 14 57 59Foto 14-4-19 14 59 41

Photodiary 4 – 28 November

Estoy pasando unos días en Cracovia, Polonia. Es el país más oriental que he visitado nunca, vamos ampliando horizontes poco a poco. Coches sucios y edificios viejos, con un encanto inigualable. Mucha iglesia para poco cristiano (en mi caso), pero la belleza de estas es abrumadora. Mucho frío y muchas capas de ropa que no contrarrestan mucho, pero se aguanta. Estaremos aquí hasta el día 30 y es el tercer país que conozco este año. Me queda el cuarto, Bélgica, donde voy del 6 al 10 de Diciembre y del que, por supuesto, haré también photodiary.

Pictures made and edited with iPhone SE.

Foto 28-11-18 11 40 15Foto 28-11-18 11 44 24Foto 28-11-18 11 56 00Foto 28-11-18 11 59 24Foto 28-11-18 12 25 20Foto 28-11-18 14 32 23Foto 28-11-18 14 50 20Foto 28-11-18 14 57 53Foto 28-11-18 15 33 15Foto 28-11-18 15 44 20Foto 28-11-18 15 52 20Foto 28-11-18 11 57 55.jpgFoto 28-11-18 12 07 19.jpg

Photodiary 1 – 4 November

Copenhague está algo fría hoy, con nueve grados y cielos nublados. Hemos subido a la torre del Parlamento y las vistas eran preciosas. La familia se va en pocas horas y pronto las calles estarán aun más frías y vacías. Escribo esto desde un Espresso House en Nørreport, otra mierda de cadena ultra cara y pija.

También hemos probado los smørrebrød, una especie de tostada con cosas encima. Arenques, salmón, carne o cualquier otra cosa. Están ricos.


Pictures made and edited with iPhone SE.