Photodiary 7 – 14 April

Yesterday we visited the Klampenborg park, also known as the deer park, because of the animals living there (and it’s true, we saw a lot of them). Before getting deeper into the forest we spent some little time around the beach that was near the entrance, and we also walked through the Bakken park, that is the oldest amusement park in the world as they say. Apparently, Denmark has a lot of experience with these parks (remember the Tivoli). It was a sunny Sunday so the cold was (kind of) bearable. We walked a lot and we ended up really tired, but it was worth. The park was astonishing, especially the wide and green landscape surrounding the Hermitage Hunting Lodge, a little white castle that you find in the middle of the park. It was one of the biggest natural spaces I’ve been in my whole life. We also went to the cemetery where the famous Danish writer Christian Anderson was buried, to see his tomb and some blossoming trees.

Also, something kind of curious happened in Copenhagen yesterday. In the neighborhood of Nørrebro, where we walked in our way to the cemetery from Nørreport train station, some disturb were happening for political reasons, due to ethnic and racial disputes having something to do with a person called Rasmus Paludan (see this link for more information). We found little mountains of trash burning in the middle of the streets, with police cars running from one way to another and a helicopter watching from the sky. It was actually impressive to see these piles of plastic burn in the middle of the city. People were just walking next to them while the firefighters eventually turned them off.

So I displayed first the pictures from the disturbs and after the rest of the pics. Enjoy them 🙂

All pictures taken and edited with iPhone SE.


Turbulences in Nørrebro

Foto 14-4-19 17 39 16Foto 14-4-19 17 38 02Foto 14-4-19 17 37 30



Foto 14-4-19 12 12 20Foto 14-4-19 12 13 12Foto 14-4-19 12 23 00Foto 14-4-19 12 25 30Foto 14-4-19 12 43 12Foto 14-4-19 12 43 56Foto 14-4-19 12 44 24Foto 14-4-19 12 44 52Foto 14-4-19 12 51 56Foto 14-4-19 13 00 41Foto 14-4-19 13 06 04Foto 14-4-19 13 36 24Foto 14-4-19 14 02 30Foto 14-4-19 14 12 39Foto 14-4-19 14 57 46Foto 14-4-19 14 57 59Foto 14-4-19 14 59 41

Photodiary 6 – 13 April

Trip to Roskilde Fjord (Denmark) 🙂


PD: this time, apart from using the usual iPhone filters I use to edit, I changed a lot of the color properties, so some images show colors way more vivid than they really were. Yeah, since it was cloudy as always the colors were much darker, but I don’t know, I felt like experimenting today haha.

All pictures taken and edited with iPhone SE.

Foto 13-4-19 16 17 48Foto 13-4-19 16 43 30Foto 13-4-19 16 51 43Foto 13-4-19 16 57 04Foto 13-4-19 17 02 11Foto 13-4-19 17 16 32Foto 13-4-19 17 16 51Foto 13-4-19 17 34 02Foto 13-4-19 17 37 08Foto 13-4-19 17 37 14

Trip to Odense (31/03/19)

Last Sunday we went to Odense, in Fionia’s island. It was a one day trip, we took the bus around 9.30 in the morning and came back to Trekroner at 11pm.

It was the second trip inside Denmark I did, and I liked it, although we all think that while Denmark has really beautiful landscapes, forests and fresh air, it’s not that touristic. We were wrong at deciding to stay that many hours in Odense, because there wasn’t that much to see really, and also because it was Sunday everything was closed.

We enjoyed walking through the parks, the river, sitting in the grass, and eating grapes while sunbathing (thank God the sun has come again to Denmark). A big part of the city seems to be under construction, that’s why I took a picture of three cranes at some point. The churches were really big, and the streets were incredibly calmed. It was weird for us because we somehow thought Odense would be an imponent city as Copenhagen is, but it’s not. If anyone reading this is planning trips around Denmark, I’m not sure I would recommend visiting Odense. We are thinking about going to Aarhus, and maybe that town has a bit more ambient than this one had. Still, it was great. One of the little excitements of being here I had it was knowing that a singer that I really like, MØ, was raised in Odense (or at least that’s what Wikipedia says).

Hope you enjoy the pics, xoxo

Pictures taken and edited with iPhone SE.

Foto 31-3-19 13 58 29Foto 31-3-19 14 12 06Foto 31-3-19 14 32 44Foto 31-3-19 14 33 13Foto 31-3-19 14 37 28Foto 31-3-19 14 45 51Foto 31-3-19 14 49 06Foto 31-3-19 14 50 01Foto 31-3-19 15 27 05Foto 31-3-19 15 27 22Foto 31-3-19 15 28 07Foto 31-3-19 15 40 16Foto 31-3-19 15 41 29Foto 31-3-19 15 42 19Foto 31-3-19 18 46 58Foto 31-3-19 18 52 23

extra pics :)

Three cool pics of Copenhagen I didn’t include in yesterday’s post. They are from the cultural center called BLOX, and the Justice Palace. “BLOX promotes sustainable urban development in a broad sense and thus forms the setting for activities aimed at the general public as well as more narrowly defined professional networks”, says the official webpage. I’ve been getting a lot of lectures about sustainability in university recently, and I’m getting more and more interested in studying that topic as a journalist. I’m really enjoying my classes at uni right now, I’m so happy I managed to enroll in International Studies.

We are starting to notice an improvement in the weather, there’s more sun between the clouds and it’s not that cold anymore (thank God), but as much as we like it, I hope this is not because of global warming. I’ve been told last summer in Denmark broke temperature records. News like that are bittersweet when you are in the streets enjoying a good sunny afternoon, but still thinking, is this weather normal in this part of the world?

Anyways, I’m happy that we survived the coldest months already, now it’s downhill from here.

Pictures taken and edited with iPhone SE.

Foto 27-3-19 16 49 20Foto 27-3-19 16 50 16Foto 27-3-19 16 59 06

A visit to the Black Diamond

Since the long time I’ve been in Denmark by now, I hadn’t visited the Royal Library yet. Everyone said it was beautiful and I really wanted to go, to make pictures and to also study there while feeling so intellectual. Today we decided to go to Copenhagen after class to spend some hours there.

The building, commonly called the Black Diamond, has this dark, sober and elegant figure proper of Copenhagen’s architecture. It’s really big inside and contains a public space for reading and studying, offices and expositions. The reading space was very full and my friend and I had to struggle a bit to find a spot to sit. But when we did, we opened our books and tried to focus a bit, which was not difficult at all given the intense silence that surrounds this big room. We had a break in the middle to go to a 7-Eleven and buy some food, so some pictures are showing the surroundings.

PD: As you can see in the pics my hair is really long already… I need a damn haircut.

Enjoy 🙂

Pics taken and edited with iPhone SE.

Foto 27-3-19 13 13 53Foto 27-3-19 13 25 05Foto 27-3-19 15 12 32Foto 27-3-19 15 22 00Foto 27-3-19 15 26 37Foto 27-3-19 15 29 24Foto 27-3-19 15 30 09Foto 27-3-19 15 30 11Foto 27-3-19 15 31 43Foto 27-3-19 15 32 24 (1).jpgFoto 27-3-19 15 35 11Foto 27-3-19 15 40 42


A walk in Kastellet

This morning I made a little trip to the Spanish Embassy in Copenhagen, situated in Østerport. The reason was to fill up the documents I need to be able of voting for the general elections of Spain in April, the 28th. This was very exciting for me because this will be the first time that I’m voting in my life. After not participating in the Andalucia elections that took place the 2nd of December of this year (while I should have voted because I’m from Málaga), and after sadly watching the, in my opinion, not so good result, I realized the importance of the young people voting.

So even if it was a bit difficult to manage to vote from another country, me and my Spanish friends in Denmark knew that we were going to do whatever is necessary to vote for the generals. After completing all the forms, we will patiently wait for a letter to reach our mailbox, containing all the information from the different parties.

It will be special for all of us, the Spanish group, to vote for the first time, in a crucial moment as the one Spain is living right now.

So, after leaving the embassy, I decided to take a walk through the surroundings, and I found unintentionally a quite beautiful place in Copenhagen, the Kastellet Fortress. I didn’t even know I was in such an important place, and a military yelled at me for walking in the grass  😅

Certainly, Denmark keeps surprising me with more beautiful spaces, but that doesn’t change the fact that all of us in the Erasmus crew are very frustrated because the sky doesn’t cease to be grey.

Anyways, enjoy the pics 🙂

All pictures were taken and edited with iPhone SE.

Foto 15-3-19 12 50 36

Foto 15-3-19 12 52 03
The Spanish Embassy in Copenhagen.
Foto 15-3-19 12 54 59
Østerport train station.
Foto 15-3-19 12 56 19
Østerport train station.
Foto 15-3-19 13 01 45
Kastellet entrance.

Foto 15-3-19 13 03 12Foto 15-3-19 13 04 14Foto 15-3-19 13 25 08Foto 15-3-19 13 09 25Foto 15-3-19 13 11 29Foto 15-3-19 13 15 49Foto 15-3-19 13 19 11Foto 15-3-19 13 21 17Foto 15-3-19 13 22 27

A visit to Copenhagen’s Glyptoteket


Today I went to this famous Copenhagen museum with some of my friends. It was free today, so a lot of people were there. It was really beautiful, so Tumblr aestheticish.

Full of paintings, sculptures and big spaces, the museum was worthy, especially taking into account that it was free today. I took some pics for you to enjoy 🙂

Pics were taken and edited with iPhone SE, except for the last two.

Foto 19-2-19 12 46 37Foto 19-2-19 12 47 19Foto 19-2-19 12 49 03Foto 19-2-19 12 49 33Foto 19-2-19 12 52 36Foto 19-2-19 12 52 40Foto 19-2-19 13 02 30Foto 19-2-19 13 09 18Foto 19-2-19 13 13 16Foto 19-2-19 13 17 49Foto 19-2-19 13 18 57Foto 19-2-19 13 19 49Foto 19-2-19 14 48 45Foto 19-2-19 14 37 40 (2)Foto 19-2-19 14 37 40 (3)Foto 19-2-19 15 42 54Foto 19-2-19 14 37 40